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My best online program to date will help you gain strength and confidence back in your sport. You’ll find:


  • A whole-body approach to fitness, mobility, and posture restoration through the RevInMo Essentials.

  • How to break through old movement patterns that may be keeping you in pain.

  • A 5-Week specialized exercise program that is scalable to any level of fitness, easy to perform at home, and with minimal equipment needed.

  • Access to the "Resilient Athlete Mindset" Course

  • Bonus content on Nutrition and Sleep

  • Weekly online group coaching calls for accountability and community support.

  • Access to the WWR Facebook community


The Weekend Warrior Reboot group coaching and private coaching are taught online via video remote format through Zoom. The course will be taught live by Dr. Eric Hughes. Participation is limited so that we can still ensure students will have an appropriate amount of interaction with each other and with Dr. Eric.


The live group coaching calls will be held on Mondays at 12pm PST, and are 1 hour in duration. If you are unable to make the Zoom meetings, then the recordings will be available in their associated weekly Units. Below are the dates for the group coaching calls:

  • November 1st

  • November 8th

  • November 15th

  • November 22nd

  • November 29th

Scheduling for private coaching will be handled directly by Dr. Eric.


The online coaching course will be taught utilizing the Zoom video conference platform. This is not a webinar livestream, but rather an interactive workshop where participants will be able to see and interact with the instructor, and the instructor will in turn be able to view all the participants. A maximum of 25 students will be admitted, to ensure the Instructor is able to see everybody clearly and to facilitate a smooth experience for everyone.


You will need to set up your laptop/webcam in an area where you have space to practice the RevInMo movements. A living room area is sufficient, but you may want to move your furniture aside, if possible, for the duration of the workshop.


You will need to have access to WiFi that is strong enough to stream video for the full hour during each call. We will not be able to help you if your WiFi connection is poor. If you know you do not have access to a good WiFi signal, we do not recommend attempting to complete this course online.

We will utilize the Zoom platform for the workshop. You will be able to download the Zoom app to your computer for free. We recommend streaming the video from your laptop to a larger screen – such as a large tv in your living room – if you have that option. That will allow you to see and hear the Instructor and the other students clearly, while also being able to practice the moves in your space. It is possible to participate using only a laptop, but you will need to be prepared to move back and forth quite a bit as you view what is being demonstrated on the screen, and then work on the move in your space. You should NOT plan on doing the entire workshop on a Smartphone – you will not be able to see the Instructor and other students well enough on a tiny screen.



The workshop is open to persons of all skill levels. You should be physically fit enough to support your own bodyweight in quadrupedal position and be medically cleared to participate in physical activities. Attendees must be at least 18 years old.

What People Are Saying About The Weekend Warrior Reboot

Stephen Webb

Amateur Disc Golfer

Dr. Eric Hughes | Hughes Moves | Naturopathic Holistic Sports Medicine | Online Program | Weekend Warrior Reboot

April Graham, ND

Owner of Blue Heron Natural Medicine, Competitive Mountain Biker


"I highly recommend the Weekend Warrior Reboot with Dr. Eric Hughes for anyone who wants a simple, yet highly effective (and fun!), mobility and strength practice to help you perform their best while working out those nagging chronic injuries or preventing injury. 


I have a nagging low back injury, and Dr. Eric was able to pinpoint the source from watching my movements online. That feedback, and the prescribed exercises are so valuable and have already given me some pain relief and improved mobility. 


His guidance with goal setting was invaluable. I was able to get very clear with my goals and make them a reality.


Dr. Eric is a fantastic teacher and will be able to help you understand the why behind the movements and mindset work in order to help you achieve your goals no matter how big or small they are."

Dr. Eric Hughes | Hughes Moves | Naturopathic Holistic Sports Medicine | Online Program | Weekend Warrior Reboot

Mayra McCoullough

Revolution In Motion Trainer


Dr. Eric Hughes' Weekend Warrior Reboot was a game-changer for me. I was drawn to the program by the notion of doing RevInMo daily for a period of five weeks.  I obtained my RevInMo Level 1 certification in 2018 but have never dedicated a daily practice to the unique modality that was different from any other modality of movement I've learned.  I was also drawn by his clever approach to work on Mindset through the program.


From the get-go, I knew I was in the right program for what I needed. Dr. Eric's thorough knowledge of Dr. Edythe Heus' Revolution In Motion was evident, and I loved the simplicity of the sequences as well as the way he broke them down in various areas of focus each week. Simplicity and repetition were the ingredients that helped me establish the foundation and understanding I sought of RevInMo since I got certified. 


The way Dr. Hughes taught the curriculum was perfect for online learning. I finally became the great student I used to be in the traditional classroom setting. Dr. Eric's curating of content hit the sweet spot of computer-based learning, where most teachers bombard you with so much content that the brain gets in a state of overwhelm, causing me to be a mediocre student in many attempts of online classes.


Weekend Warrior Reboot brought the A+ student out of me and gave me a wealth of "Aha!" moments, such as the role of the fascia and that it's "all about the rebound!"  The confidence understanding brings helped me take on my first RevInMo client.  Doing RevInMo 7 days a week for 5 weeks took me from intellectually understanding this modality's revolutionary concepts to embodying them. 

My warrior has rebooted! Thank you, Dr. Eric Hughes, for activating the profound within simplicity. You are one gifted health educator and facilitator of the only modality I've known in my 16 years in the fitness industry that can tap into my body's ability to regenerate. I started the program with my first hip injury ever and an addiction issue that had me very concerned. Both were addressed most organically, effortlessly healing and releasing what was not serving me. 

Let us know what you're most excited about with the WWR 2.0!