Providing elite methods in holistic sports medicine that athletes need to confidently get back out and play.

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What You'll Get From A Hughes Moves Visit

  • Every visit is 60 minutes

  • 1-on-1 hands-on care and guidance

  • Address your health concerns from a whole-person perspective

  • Identify individualized movement patterns and behaviors that may be contributing to your problems

  • Utilize methods that work on the root cause rather than cover up the symptoms

  • Receive specialized plans that you easily can do at home

  • Sustained and long-lasting results

Why treat your rehab differently than your performance? With Hughes Moves, we provide the methods and environment for that integration to take place.

Looking for help with...


As athletes, we are always dealing with some sort of injury. A tweak here,​ a wrong move there -- over time they add up to where we might start feeling fragile and afraid of training or performing.

With the guidance and detail-oriented focus, Dr. Eric will help by keeping your injuries at bay. Nevermore will you have to worry about a meet or tournament in the near future. You will build confidence, restore your body, and prevent injury for years to come.


When trying to enhance your performance, recovery is key. What you do outside of training is often times fundamentally more important than the training itself.

Dr. Eric will supercharge your recovery so that you can get back to training 100% every time. By using Electrons Plus Guided PEMF or Low Level Laser Therapy to decrease inflammation, RevInMo to improve strength and mobility, or optimize your diet and nutrition, you will work with Dr. Eric in creating a treatment plan that is suited to your individual needs.


So you​ are about to receive an orthopedic procedure... but how do you know it will be a success? Do you wonder if you'll be able to gain full function again? Can you keep pursuing the activities you love?


Dr. Eric will take the guesswork out of your post-operative rehabilitation. He will take the time to educate you on the recovery process, and provide the upmost care to giving you instant and sustained results. Get the most out of your procedure, and back to doing the things that you love!

Dr. Eric Hughes | Hughes Moves | Naturopathic Holistic Sports Medicine | Private Practice

Elite Athlete Package



  • Bi-weekly 45-Minute Visits for 5 Weeks. We will first discuss your goals and dive in into your health history. I will get a clear picture of your current state of health, which allows us to establish a solid game plan in working together.

  • Gait and Posture Analysis. Before and after each session, we will perform a thorough assessment of your posture and current pain in order to build a customized treatment plan for that day. At the end of the 10 sessions, we will compare your results from day 1 and check in to see what results we achieved!

  • Individualized At-Home Plan. After the very first session, we still start to build an at-home RevInMo practice that you will be able to use every day. This series of movements will be individualized towards your needs and what we find in office. As we peel back the layers of immobility and weaknesses, this at-home series will continue to develop, thereby deepening your work with RevInMo and continually upgrading your mind and body.

  • Unlimited access to Dr. Eric. I will be with you throughout this entire process of accountability and support. Long-term changes can be difficult, and it is my goal to make them more manageable so you can achieve sustainable results.

  • Education. One of the best parts of my job in working with people is teaching them why they are having certain physical issues or limitation. I want you to know exactly what is going on and why you are experiencing pain in the first place, so that you know how to best manage it in the future when we are done working together.

  • Discounts on Practitioner Grade Supplements. In order to get that extra edge in the competition, we need to provide the body with the building blocks it needs. Sometimes that means having to go beyond our normal diet. Dr. Eric will provide recommendations to hand-selected supplements that he believes will give you the best support in optimizing performance, in which you will be able to purchase them at a discounted price.

  • Virtual Appointments Available​​. The amazing thing about Hughes Moves is that Dr. Eric will be able to work with you in any part of the world! If you are seeking a virtual appointment, all you need is the necessary at-home equipment, adequate space to move around in, and a computer or phone available for live streaming.

Pricing: 1 payment of $1500 OR 3 payments of $500 for the total package


Electrons Plus Guided PEMF


Revolution In Motion

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If you’re looking for somebody to listen to you, educate you, and guide you in your health journey, Dr. Eric is here to help.