Sequencing: Your Secret Weapon To Performance and RESULTS

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Have you ever seen a major league pitcher throw a fastball with just their arm? Likely not… (and if so, their shoulder socket is probably now destroyed.)

Like any athletic move, throwing a baseball is completed by a sequence of events. Force is generated from the ground through the feet, transfers into the knees and hips, through the torso, and finally out into the arm.

But then why do we fail to recognize this in training for sport or simply for life’s demands? Whether we are kicking a soccer ball or picking up a heavy object from the ground, these actions require a sequence of events to occur. And 9 times our of 10, we are able to perform these tasks fairly well, where the body will compensate and mask particular “weak links” along the chain of events. Tight hips? No problem. Weak ankles? We can make it work. Immobile shoulders? I guess we can make up for it.

But it is always that one time where you bend over to tie your shoe and BAM, your back goes out… Weird, right?

It’s the weak links that you typically don’t know about, because they aren’t the ones compensating and screaming at you in pain. So when you recover from throwing out your low back, that is exactly why it may happen 3 more times that year!

So what can you do about it? Watch the video below to learn why incorporating sequencing in your training and exercise regimes can prevent injury, heal old injuries, and keep you playing and performing for years to come!

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