Does Your Doctor Practice What They Preach?

When trying to find the right doctor for you, I believe there is one fundamental question that we must ask: Does your doctor practice what they preach?

This is somewhat of a loaded question, because the answer is likely a resounding yes. I mean, would you ever hire a cook that doesn't eat their own food? Fuggedaboudit.

But here’s the kicker… what do they practice? And from here, we can take a look at their life, and more importantly the results that they have. Orthopedic surgeons with replacement hips and might not be able to ski anymore. Physical therapists who themselves aren't able to manage their pain adequately. Chiropractors blowing out their own shoulders and elbows.

Is that something that you want for yourself? Because you'd think that any typical line of healthcare would be able to keep the practitioners healthy... right?

I love educating my patients on the attitude that Movement is a Foundation of Health. Why? Simply because I want to be able to play for as long as I am able. Without having to modify activities. Without the use of strong medications. Without invasive surgery. With this fundamental idea, we find ourselves emerging into the illusive field of Anti-Aging Medicine. Everyone seems to want to "Benjamin Button" this thing we call life. But at the same time, we fail to recognize the underlying truth in what it means to aging well... We all only have one body. We do not have replacement parts. So let's do our best to take care of the one we are given! And I flat out do not believe that hip replacements and botox are on par or necessary to a healthy aging process. This is exactly why I've compiled the very tools and methods are working to keeping me healthy, and are continuing to work for my patients time and time again.

I've spoken in a previous post about how I believe fascia may be the holy grail to anti-aging. The tools I use in my office were designed to have a direct impact on maintaining the integrity and health of the fascia system. As such, I have found my way to stay healthy and kick butt out on the disc golf course every weekend.

One of those tools in particular is Electrons Plus Guided PEMF. With Electrons Plus, we are able to bring energy back into the body where it is needed most. As a result, we are able to decrease inflammation, eliminate pain, and enhance function significantly faster than any other traditional visit to the doctor

Now when's the last time you've gotten THAT much out of one appointment (definitely another topic of discussion, by the way).

My last thoughts are this. We have a right to flex our ability to choose the care that we want. If your doctor isn't working for you or their treatment plans aren't in line with your goals, get outta there! Being in pain sucks in the moment, but waiting for someone that can truly get you the results that you desire lasts forever.

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