I help athletes reach their highest potential through a movement-based Naturopathic Sports Medicine approach.

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Reach out to Dr. Eric to learn more about Revolution In Motion and Electrons Plus Guided PEMF. These are non-invasive foundation-focused modalities that have significantly transformed his clients and patients for over 5 years.

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My priority is to provide the highest level of Naturopathic Sports Medicine in the Seattle, WA area. I specialize in treating athletes across all levels — especially the weekend warriors that want to maintain an active lifestyle while keeping old injuries at bay. Often times conventional Sports Medicine doesn't provide holistic and individualized care when taking care of their patients. This oversight results in relying on strong medications, symptom-based treatment protocols, and ultimately surgery. It is my job to provide athletes therapeutic options to address pain and injury that are drug-free, minimally invasive, and that work at the root cause rather than covering up the symptoms. In doing so, I ensure my athletes will be able to recover quickly so they can confidently get back to playing the sports they love!

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"When I first came to see Dr. Hughes I had arthritis so bad I could not lift my arms above my shoulders. Since seeing him I can now lift my arms all the way above my head. The arthritis in my hands was so bad I could not make a fist, now I can make a first and the pain is just about gone. Thank you Dr. Hughes and your wonderful machine."

— Toni W.

Naturopathic Know-How

Every week I put out content about something I've learned along the way, whether this is commonly asked questions from patients, educational tidbits that I am always referring to, professional (and sometimes personal) soap boxes, or something unique and novel I picked up from coaches and practitioners in the field of Physical and Sports Medicine.

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